Els van de Weg - owner of DUTCHELS Tourism Services+ - has been working in the travel industry for over 20 years, most of the time as a travel agent. She has now changed focus and is targeting her skills and services directly towards holiday accommodations as well as tourist and cultural organisations (b2b).

If you want to attract more foreign visitors, your message should always come across clearly. Therefore Els advises you to have your website or brochure translated into the language of your target group. Els is familiar with the terminology of the travel industry and is specialised in Dutch and English. Through cooperation with other translators, other language combinations are possible too. 

Els is creative in approaching new target groups, offers support managing your social media accounts and provides excellent PR-services.

In short, DUTCHELS Tourism Services+ does away with language barriers, gets you connected to the Dutch market, and puts you on the map!
Member of Gastvrij Heuvelland